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Dharma Study Program with Bodhi Path Teacher Jungne – Online Course via Bodhi Path Renchen Ulm

September 30 @ 15:00 - October 4 @ 12:00

This is already the sixth part of the continuous study program about the basics of the Dharma (studies in connection with practise).
During this course studying the book ‚Jewel Ornament of Liberation‘ by Gampopa will be continued gradually. This text is one of the most important ones of the Kagyu tradition, in which the progressive path to awakening is described and explanations are given about all important aspects of the Buddha’s teachings.

Each course of this study program will last about 4-5 days, and will include teachings, questions & answers, team work, contemplation and practice.

The study program, which offers a step-by-step access to a deeper understanding of the Dharma, is open to all interested persons and can be joined any time! Those who want to engage deeply in the studies, can commit to follow the whole cycle of teachings until completing the studies of the ‘Jewel Ornament of Liberation’. At the end of each course a list of questions about the studied subjects will be distributed, which will help to revise and study at home. For those who wish to, there will be a test of knowledge in the beginning of each following course. If you join the program in this way, you will eventually be able to answer to questions of newcomers in your center and guide meditation sessions.
Those who don’t wish to or cannot engage in this way, can simply attend any course wanted. There is no obligation to participate in the entire study program.

The program is guided by Lama Jungne, a German Dharma-teacher and close disciple of Jigme Rinpoche, whom she already met in 1994. Inspired by the teachings of the Tibetan masters Jigme Rinpoche and Gendün Rinpoche, she moved to Kundrol Ling in the Auvergne and passed two traditional 3-year retreats there. Afterwards she stayed there until 2007 to deepen her studies of buddhist philosophy and her meditation practice. Since 2008 she is active as an interpreter for Jigme Rinpoche in German speaking countries as well as a Dharma-teacher in Dhagpo Kagyü Ling in France and in different centers there and in Spain and Germany. According to Jigme Rinpoche’s instructions she is also in charge of the Bodhi Path Instructor Training together with Trinlay Rinpoche.

Schedule for the online course: Begin Wednesday, September 30 at 3pm until Sunday, October 4 at lunch time
Organisation Fee for the online course: € 50
Dana: It is common to support the Dharma teachers with a donation as a token of appreciation for providing the precious teachings of the Buddha. When transferring your donation to our account (Bodhi Path Renchen-Ulm, IBAN: DE91 4306 0967 7901 8966 00), please mention ‘Donation for Lama Jungne’ as the purpose. Thank you very much.

Language: German and English




September 30 @ 15:00
October 4 @ 12:00

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